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Vipera Latastei - Snub-nosed Viper

Conservation status: VULNERABLE

Vipera Latastei


Vipera Berus, commonly named Snub-nosed viper, is a venomous snake. It is endemic to extreme southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa.

V. latastei grows to a maximum total length (body + tail) of about 72 cm (28.3 in), but usually less. It is grey in colour, has a triangular head, a "horn" on the tip of its nose, and a zig-zag pattern on its back. The tip of the tail is yellow.

This species is found in generally moist, rocky areas, in dry scrubland and woodland, hedgerows, stone walls and sometimes in coastal dunes [1].


Venom. Snub-nosed viper is venomous snake.

There are no specific antivenoms for this species [2].

Conservation status

Conservation status. This species is classified as Vulnerable according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is, however, listed as strictly protected (Appendix II) under the Berne Convention. In that case you must remeber that you as a human are also dangerous for this viper and hurting or killing it is not acceptable [1].

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Useful Links:

  1. Wikipedia: Vipera latastei
  2. WHO: Venomous Snakes Database


Data about Vipera latastei snake occurence is based on the information from Wikipedia page [1]. The data are divided into two indicators: [1] - risk region [0] - secure region. The data was created based on the maps and descriptions from the corresponding Wikipedia’s websites. (See data access and policies).

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